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“Our Goal is to help Xero accountants provide value and thrive in the age of automation, empowering all practices with control and confidence in their data.”

Xavier has been devised by seasoned accounting industry experts, supported by an active and engaged user community of progressive accounting firms, with in-depth understanding of the real pain points and problems experienced by practices. The core Xavier team, based in Bristol, have a proven track record of innovation in accounting and technology, providing the best of both in Xavier.

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Meet the Founding Team

Richard Nicolson
Richard Nicolson Operations
Rich works hard to manage all aspects of product development, ensuring the app is running smoothly and meeting the needs of all users, now and in the future. Rich is the man in the know about Xavier's development pipeline, and the technology behind it.
James Hulse
James Hulse Technical
A senior full-stack developer, James is Xavier's tech mastermind and also it's resident AI expert. He's responsible for keeping Xavier fast, up to date, and secure for all users, whilst building out all the new features the Xavier team devises.
Helen Lloyd
Helen Lloyd Front End
Helen leads the design, UX and front end development. With her Neuroscience education and artist background, she’s on a mission to prove that working with lots of data really can be an enjoyable, beautiful experience for accountants.
Jonathan Gaunt
Jonathan Gaunt Strategy
As head of progressive Bristol accountancy, FD Works, Jon is the accounting visionary behind many of Xavier's features, and it's goals for the future, ensuring Xavier continues to meet and exceed expectations for accountancy practices.
Simon Williams
Simon Williams Product
Simon works with businesses and Xavier users to help understand their numbers, analysing and interpreting their data. He is also the FD Works ecosystem expert, stitching many systems together to make everyone's lives easier.

The Story

Xavier is the Bristolian brainchild of progressive accounting agency, FD Works, and the experienced web development agency, Hatch Apps.

When FD Works decided to make something more permanent from their finely tuned spreadsheet systems, they knew exactly who to turn to; a web developer client of theirs who had been looking to move away from client work to build and launch a new product employing the best technology available: Hatch Apps.

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A partnership was forged, ideas were hatched and Xavier Analytics was born; an app that would quickly complete some of the more menial data clean-up but also crystallise important data-driven insights.

Xavier emerged on the scene with a second-place prize for Best New App (EMEA) in the 2018 Xero hackathon, and was soon after accepted into SETsquared Bristol, the World's top incubator for high tech, high growth start ups, based at the Engine Shed in the heart of Bristol.

From a side project, Xavier has gown into a full-time business and product, iterating and improving on a regular schedule of releases.

In June 2020, Xavier was acquired by leading digital accounting platform Receipt Bank, to become part of the Receipt Bank product portfolio. This was an exciting step for the team, in order to help Xavier reach more accounting partners and create the most accurate ecosystem for accounting and advisory, ever. Since the acquisition the Xavier team have remained working on the project in Bristol.

The team are always on hand for support, feedback and implementation consultations, so please get in touch!

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