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Xavier is the Bristolian brainchild of progressive accounting agency, FD Works,
and the experienced web development agency, Hatch Apps

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A Perfect Match

When FD Works decided to make something more permanent from their finely tuned spreadsheet systems, they knew exactly who to turn to; a client of theirs who had been looking to build and launch a new product employing the best (and coolest, and most fun) technology available: Hatch Apps.

A partnership was forged, ideas were hatched and Xavier Analytics was born; an app that would quickly complete some of the more menial data clean-up but also crystallise important data-driven insights.

Xavier emerged on the scene with a second-place prize for Best New App (EMEA) in the 2018 Xero hackathon, and was soon after accepted into SETsquared Bristol, the World's top incubator for high tech, high growth start ups, based at the Engine Shed in the heart of Bristol.

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FD Works

We’re a firm of accountants, business advisors and Xero specialists based in Bristol, and working UK-wide with innovative businesses.

If you’re ambitious and passionate about what you do, we want to help you make bold business decisions and realise your full potential.


Key Contact

Simon Williams - Finance Business Partner

Simon works with businesses to help understand their numbers, analysing and interpreting their finance data. He is also the FD Works ecosystem expert, stitching many systems together to make everyone's lives easier.

Hatch Apps

We offer a one-stop-shop for getting your tech project moving, applying lean, agile methodologies to every aspect of our services.

We'll help you create an iterative plan that gets your idea up and running, then use validated learning to take it to the next level. Once you're happy with the approach, our team will dive into designing, building and eventually deploying the solution for you.


Key Contact

Richard Nicolson - Operations Director

Rich works hard to manage all aspects of product development, ensuring the app is running smoothly and meeting the needs of all users, now and in the future. Rich is the man in the know about Xavier's development pipeline, and the technology behind it. He can also be found making a Trello list for every occasion.

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