Introducing Xavier

Xavier Analytics has a mission to transform accounting, starting with clean data

By Rich Nicolson • September 7, 2018

Your New Xero Companion

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We are a small bunch of web developers (Hatch Apps) who have partnered with the progressive accountants at FD Works to build a toolkit we're calling Xavier Analytics. The platform provides technical, time-saving tools and reporting for finance professionals working with Xero cloud accounting software.

Xavier solves frustrations and accelerates time-consuming tasks that accounting teams deal with on a daily basis when working with Xero data. Our approach is:

  1. Automated, fast extraction of data out of Xero for all of a firm’s clients, on a regular basis
  2. Guidance and tools for cleaning up Xero data - helping identify and amend unreconciled transactions, duplication of contacts, account coding errors, and tracking changes in relation to locked periods
  3. This sanitised client data is then served up in a flexible and powerful format for customised reporting

"We're trying to educate people to use Xero properly" - Jonathan Gaunt, FD Works

With some default reports provided out of the box, useful tools such as a Corporation Tax estimator, and tips and support built deep into the system, we think accounting teams can start getting value out of Xavier really quickly.

Watch this space

Initiatives such as Making Tax Digital in the UK are driving more and more businesses to get their finances into the cloud. For sure, an excellent bookkeeping tool like Xero is crucial for everyone in this brave new fully-digital world. But every bookkeeping package has it's limitations, and accounting firms managing these systems across many clients have certain needs that sometimes only become apparent at scale.

We're going to keep building out the Xavier Analytics platform, furiously adding more tools and insights aimed at solving key issues for people working heavily with Xero data and guiding them in keeping that data accurate. With every addition, Xavier will save you a little more time per team member per month - which starts to add up quickly.

So even if you're not ready to give Xavier a try, consider joining our Facebook group, signing up to our newsletter or following us on Twitter - we're putting together a roadmap of features so you'll be able to track our progress and help us figure out where to go next.

~ Rich

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