Accounting Excellence Awards 2019

We've got an exciting announcement to make!

By Helen Lloyd • May 29, 2019

Xavier Analytics is delighted to be a finalist in the Accounting Excellence Awards 2019 "Software Innovation of the Year" category.

Accounting Excellence Top 5 Badge

Xavier was chosen by a panel of experienced judges as one of the 'Top 5' in their category. The winner will be chosen on the 12th of September at an awards ceremony in London.

"The Accounting Excellence Awards recognise brilliance and innovation across the British accounting profession."

Innovation is Key

Xavier is a new and unique application for accounting professionals; our focus on ‘cleaning’ the data set differentiates ourselves from other apps, particularly those in the reporting space, as we first focus on the quality of data that is in Xero, before offering our insights. This is crucial - as there is little point reporting on something unless you are confident that the core data set is accurate.

We pride ourselves on our attitude to innovation, utilising the latest technology, tools and techniques, including machine learning. AI will continue to be a core technology used responsibly by Xavier in upcoming features, and particularly as part of our Innovate UK Project.

Looking Forward to the Future

We believe that in the coming years, the role of the accountant is likely to change significantly; businesses will want information in real-time rather than the traditional retrospective reports and accounts. Accountants will need to adapt to offer business advisory services, providing insights and helping with key decisions for their clients.

With this shift, automation will play an important role in streamlining accounting processes with limited human oversight - especially in what some people would consider mundane tasks. We believe this automation will come at a price: ensuring the resulting data is accurate will be a persistent challenge.

This is where Xavier can act to support accountants: by highlighting issues in the data set that might have been introduced and ensuring the company is compliant, then using accurate, benchmarked, comparative data and flexible reporting to give accountants the toolkit and confidence to offer real-time advisory services.

What's Next

Xavier is joined by Adaptive Insights, FibreCRM, Intuit Quickbooks 'SmartLook' and Silverfin as Finalists. The Xavier team will be attending the Accounting Excellence Awards with their fingers and toes crossed on the 12th of September for one of the biggest nights in the accounting profession - we hope to see some of our accounting partners there!

Give Xavier a try today, and be part of the future of accounting.

~ Helen

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