Xerocon London here we come

We're hyping ourselves up for our first sponsored Xerocon...

By Helen Lloyd • October 16, 2019

We’re going to Xerocon London, again!

Xerocon Party Time

It's been roughly a year since my perception of accounting changed forever...

Coming from Hatch Apps, the development side of Xavier, all I really knew about accounting was Xero and our accounting partners FD Works and that was about it. When they suggested attending Xerocon in London last year to learn a bit more about Xavier's users, I thought I was in for just another conference; pick up some free pens, eat some of those weird rock sweets with the words in them, have a chat and go home. I was not prepared for how enthusiastic and caring the attendees would be about their jobs, or just how vibrant the space would be. From the Practice Ignition precon to the buzz of the exhibition hall, the stereotype of the introverted, pencil and calculator profession was broken.

I was also pretty shocked by the real grass carpet, the zipline, and the opening dancers - I am a big kid at heart.

During the two days of Xerocon I met so many accountants who were genuinely excited to consume new tech. The innovation of the accounting sector is moving at an incredible pace, and here were a whole hall of people ready to embrace it.

This year, the team will be running their very first Xavier conference stand, we can't wait to meet old friends and make new ones. We have our new t-shirts (plus spares) and comfortable shoes all ready, and a few treats for the attendees to take home of course! There's going to be some incredible speakers this year too.

Having attended last year we know that the days can really fly by! If you're interested in seeing Xavier in action during Xerocon, we're offering 20 min demo slots at the stand on Calendly here so you can schedule your precious Xerocon hours, and even better - every demo booking will be entered into a prizedraw to win an iPad Mini, so that's a win-win! Even if you're a hardcore Xavier afficionado, be sure to stop by and chat to us, we never get tired of hearing how our users are finding Xavier, and there might be some new tricks we can teach you!

Finally, the night before Xerocon, we'll be co-sponsoring the Practice Ignition Precon Party at the Fox Bar @ ExCel London, which is a party you don't want to miss! There's a £17,000 bar tab and food on the table, which always guarantees a good time. Sign up to reserve your place.

See you there!

~ Helen

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