Introducing... Xavier Focus

A new way to use Xavier that will supercharge your workflows

By Simon Williams • November 1, 2019

Xavier Focus is Here!

Here at Xavier Labs it’s been a hive of activity for the last couple of months, designing our biggest update ever: Xavier Focus.

Focus is a whole new part of Xavier that allows you to generate workflow templates (we call these ‘flows’), using the Xavier tools and checks you know and love. These flows are completely bespoke to you, so you can pick and choose what checks you would like to use.

Each flow can then be assigned to a client, user, due date and date range. It’s simple, easy to use and will supercharge your workflows, allowing you to Focus on the work you need to do.😉

Why Focus?

Xavier has been out in the wild for a year now, and from all our user feedback we have grown to include a lot of different tools. Each of the tools provide loads of value, but discovering and injecting these tools into existing processes can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. For maximum efficiency, accountants and bookkeepers need to know when to use the right tools, at the right time. Focus is more streamlined way to use Xavier that meets their needs for all client types and practices, and which will include oversight for Managers on what work has been done, and by whom.

Getting Started with Focus

So how to get started with Focus? Focus launches with a pre-made set of workflow templates (head to ‘Flow Templates’ to check these out), but you can also edit these templates or create your own bespoke workflows that work with your processes and clients.

Before you dive right in, follow our five-step plan below to help you get started:

  • Plan - Choose one process that you would like to bring into Focus
  • Build - Within 'Flow Templates', build a new flow template with the checks that you want to use for your process
  • Custom Checks - Anything that is not in Xavier but you want a placeholder for, such as ‘Email Queries to Client’ - head to ‘Custom Checks’ to create your own checks and then add these to your template.
  • Add Clients - Create a new flow and choose the clients that you want to complete the flow for; assign each of these with a user, reporting period and due date.
  • Get Cracking - Now start your Flows for your clients from the Flow List. Focus on the checks you need to do and click the tick beside each one to mark it as done. Once it is complete, congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Some possible suggestions for processes:

Onboarding Checklist
Create a flow of checks to run through when you bring on a new client, that will give you an idea of their needs.
Monthly Bookkeeping
You can compile all the checks you need after you finish a month-end.
Health Check
Create a Xero Health Check to ensure that data is squeaky clean.

Be recognised for the work you do

We think everyone deserves to be recognised for their hard work! Completed workflows remain in Xavier with a timeline of what checks were completed, when they were completed, and by whom. This timeline can even be viewed while the flow is in progress, by toggling from Tasks to History in Focus mode. You can also see the improvement in Health Score over time! Use this timeline to provide assurance to your clients that work has been done, and give managers oversight on the workload of their Xavier team.

This is just the beginning

This is just the beginning for Focus; we want to continue to improve, add more functionality and make it even more useful. Better scheduling, tracking and integrations will be on the way… As always, please get in touch with your feedback and help shape the future of Xavier.


~ Simon

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