Xavier Release Notes

If a dev team ships a feature but tells no-one about it, did they really ship it?


Release 12 • November 27, 2018

  • New Insight: Regular Suppliers uses AI to analyse the transaction history of suppliers that you pay often, and highlights any unusually high amounts for a given period. We're really pleased with how this has come together!

  • New Dashboard: Xavier has expanded so quickly that the Client Overview dashboard no longer made sense. We've just launched a redesigned version that provides a lot more relevant information, grouped by cleanup, insight and activity. We'll be bringing in more at-a-glance guidance as to the health of a client over the next few weeks, so watch this space...

  • The Multi-Coded Contacts cleanup tool just got a lot more powerful. You can now filter the suggestions by Revenue vs Expense and also by Account Code vs Tax Code.

  • The Lock Dates that were on the Client Overview have been moved to their own insight so we can keep expanding the functionality there.

  • Our GoProposal insight is now called Activity Stats, so as to be more inclusive to people using other proposal management software such as Practice Ignition.

  • Bug Fixes:

    • It could sometimes be slow when clicking through to the Client Overview from the Client List - this is speedy now
    • We now restrict the setting of a Sales or Purchases default account code in Xero if the client is not linked


Release 11 • November 23, 2018

We're gearing up to release a few big features soon so keep your eyes peeled. This release includes a number of 'quality of life' and behind the scenes improvements:

  • You can now export your unreconciled transactions to excel

  • To further welcome our international friends, we will now cleverly sync your clients overnight in your timezone.

  • Plenty of design tweaks - better responsiveness on smaller screens, and tidying up

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Multi-coded contact dismissals are now faster and more stable
    • No longer include VOIDED transactions in our Multi-Coded contacts insight
    • Imports for clients with a lot of data have been further stabilised
    • The top row of an excel export from the Sandbox or Custom Reports was going missing. We found it.
    • Xero has a nice new view for Contacts, we'll link you to this from now on instead of the old one.


Release 10 • November 6, 2018

  • Welcome, international friends! we have added international currency support so you can view monetary values in your selected clients' currency.

  • In the Multi-Coded Contacts insight we now sort by transaction date and distinguish between transactions in the active review period and those from historical periods.

  • We've done a number of small navigational and user interface tweaks to make things more consistent throughout the app, and make it more obvious how to find help.

  • You'll start to see more help options popping up throughout the different Xavier views, and we've started with the Cleanup tools here.

  • You can now access team member and subscription settings directly from the Team sidebar navigation

  • Bug Fixes:

    • The accrued VAT statistic was not displaying correctly on the Client Overview


Release 9 • October 25, 2018

  • Advanced Date Filtering: you now have fine-grained control over the date filter for the Multi-Coded Contacts cleanup tool. The filters now enable you to find contacts active during a certain period, and then compare transactions for these contacts from a given start date. Find out more in our help docs.

  • New Date Range: You now have full control over the date range for our Corporation Tax Insight. Xavier defaults the date range to the client's current financial year, and you can modify this in the insight header.

  • The VAT Return Checks insight now includes Contact as a field in transaction results, and the transactions grid now also includes the usual column and filter selections.

  • Our GoProposal insight now includes stats for Manual Journals.

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Multi-Coded Contacts cleanup tool now avoids duplicating suggestions
    • The date formats in the export to Excel function within the grid are now more Excel-friendly


Release 8 • October 15, 2018

  • New Insight: VAT Return Checks provides a set of checks that have been designed to quickly spot tax issues with respect to transaction data over a given filing period. Simply enter in the date range and the minimum amounts and hit Run Report to generate the checks. Our help documentation details what is involved in each check.

  • Filter by period: you can now filter the Multi-Coded Contacts insight by period. This filters the list to only those contacts that have had transactions associated with them within the date range supplied.

  • Performance: we're cutting down on the amount of historical data we import from Xero - instead of the whole history of your organisation we're importing the current and previous financial years only. This should dramatically speed up the initial linking of a Xero organisation to Xavier.

  • Initial Import Completed Email: the first time you link a Xero organisation to Xavier it can take a while to sync all the data from Xero across. We'll now email you when that initial import is completed, no need to watch progress bars!


Release 7 • October 5, 2018

  • Our VAT Tracking now runs extra checks to see if you are still within the HMRC-defined threshold limits of your VAT Scheme. For example, if you are on a Flat Rate Scheme and your annual taxable turnover exceeds £230,000 then it is time for a change. These alerts are displayed at the top of the VAT Tracking insights view.

  • Favourite Clients: on the Client List view you can now star certain clients, which saves them to your "favourites". This is a super flexible way of quickly filtering the client list to see only the clients you need to deal with on a daily basis, no matter what your team configuration is.

  • We've begun work on making the app mobile friendly, so you'll see improvements to key views and navigation when on small screens. There's still lots to do, but it is coming along!

  • Plenty of fixes this week:

    • Historical Changes insight now displays saved date filters
    • Bank Statements were not importing if you had no unreconciled transactions (they are now)
    • If your VAT scheme was on a monthly reporting cycle, sometimes the month date range was incorrect
    • The Default Contacts insight no longer suggests setting defaults for Archived contacts, as they can't be changed


Release 6 • September 27, 2018

  • New Insight: Historical Changes. Ever had that uncomfortable feeling that something has changed in a period you've already reported on? Well now you can check for changes in historical periods and quickly identify exactly what those changes were at the click of a button in Xavier!

  • Export to PDF: If you have non-Xavier people you want to share some information with, or simply have a deep love for paper, we have news for you: all of Xavier's insights can now be exported to PDF, for all your high fidelity print needs.

  • Xavier may have a slightly different look and feel to it - the latest MacOS release, Mojave, caused our existing font to be almost unreadable on certain screens for Mac users. Rather than trust that all our users will fix Apple's new weird settings, we decided to be proactive and select something a bit more practical.

  • Fix: fixed an issue during Syncing with Xero for some clients during the processing of the Contact Defaults insight.


Release 5 • September 24, 2018

  • New Layout: The navigation when viewing a Client has had a revamp! We found that the Insights section was getting a little crowded, so we've split insights into two categories:

    • Cleanup: staying true to our philosophy of clean data is key, this new section contains our data cleanup tools such as Duplicate Contacts.
    • Insights: these are now all about drawing conclusions from the data once it has been through the cleanup process, such as Corporation Tax estimates.
  • New Cleanup Tool: Contact Defaults. Xavier trawls the transaction history of contacts and shows you ones that have consistently been allocated the same account codes. At a click of a button you can then assign the suggested code as a default for that contact, making bank reconciliation process much faster.

  • New Insight: VAT Tracking. Xavier now keeps an running estimate of VAT accrued (or due to be reclaimed) for the current period, and provides a historical view over previous VAT periods. It handles Cash, Accrual and Flat Rate schemes.

  • New Insight: GoProposal Stats. For accountants using GoProposal, Xavier calculates transactional volume of a client to provide more accurate renewal billing in the GoProposal system.

  • For new users joining the Xavier community, we've now got a handy Getting Started checklist, accessible from the team menu. The first time you link a Xero organisation to Xavier you'll be taken there, where you can watch our walkthrough video and find quick links through to actions like inviting team members, creating reports and more.

  • Fix: fixed an issue on the Client Overview that was preventing the Link to Xero button from working for Clients that had been unlinked from Xero.


Release 4 • September 17, 2018

  • The calculation for the Corporation Tax Insight is now customisable per client - you can specify individual account codes to include/exclude. We've updated our help docs to suit.
  • You can now view dismissed suggestions and reverse accidental dismissals in our Duplicate Contacts and Multi-Coded contacts insights - super handy!
  • A subtle yet powerful Sandbox audit feature is now available - group journals by source item (e.g. invoice) and then you can sort by order of occurrence to get a timeline breakdown of the source item's history in journal form.
  • Fix: a Corporation tax calculation that spans multiple tax periods now apportions based on number of days the accounting year spends in each period, plus a number of other minor calculation adjustments.


Release 3 • September 12, 2018

  • New Insight: Corporation tax estimate. See a quick estimate of your clients corporation tax responsibility.
  • We now import your client's fixed asset registers to make the corporation tax estimate more accurate.
  • You will no longer lose your changes if you accidentally leave a Custom Report before hitting save. We will prompt you so you have a chance to save your hard work.
  • More Sandbox performance improvements. Including defaulting our date filter to just the current year to help you get started faster.


Release 2 • September 7, 2018

Another busy week in the Xavier camp, and some cool enhancements as a result:

  • You can now manually trigger a Xero sync from each of the Insights pages! It's clever enough to sync data that relates to the insight, which means you can merge a contact in Xero and then re-sync contacts super fast.
  • You can now dismiss suggestions in Insights, which allows you to get rid of any lingering false-positives and achieve the holy grail of no actions required!
  • The Reports section now has it's own overview page built to handle lots of reports. You can filter and favourite your key reports to quickly get to what you need
  • Refresh syncing of bank statements is now a whole lot faster
  • While some views like the sandbox grid will always be tricky on mobile, the app is now a lot more mobile friendly
  • We now remember column widths and pinned columns when saving Custom Reports


Release 1 • August 28, 2018

Excited to publish our first official release notes!

  • New slimline design maximises screen space for all your number crunching needs
  • Sync processing time has been dramatically reduced, making your Xero-cleanup process more efficient
  • Links to help articles are now throughout the app - look for the question mark icons
  • The Duplicate Contacts algorithm has got smarter, reducing false-matches
  • There’s now a swanky new insight called “Multi-coded Contacts” that helps you spot mis-coded transactions on a per-contact basis
  • The Sandbox now includes Tracking Categories
  • Account Managers can now filter the client list to see only their clients

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