A Toolkit for Xero Accounting Professionals

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Xavier is a toolkit of intelligent bookkeeping and compliance tools designed for Xero Professionals.

Our tools identify mis-codings, track key liabilities and quickly spot unwanted changes to historical data, saving your team time and reducing errors on a daily basis.

Flexible reporting and cleaner accounts gives all team members the confidence to have the right conversations with your clients.

  • 01. Extract

    Easily get detailed data out of Xero for all of your Clients

  • 02. Clean

    Quickly spot anomalies, leading to clean accounts and happy customers

  • 03. Report

    Slice and dice client data with powerful pivot tables

Prize Winner - Xero App Hackathon 2018

Want to see Xavier's features in action before you sign up?

Check out our fully featured demo to get a feel of the app using Xero Demo Company data, no registration or Xero account required. Click and go!

A Fully-Featured Xero Connected App

Linking Xavier to Xero guides your team through tools that keep your Xero data neat and tidy, ready for filing.

Xavier also brings immediate time-savings to your team through enabling and sharing reporting resources.

FD Works - Xero Specialist Agency, Bristol

"Xavier will become every accountants (business) best friend. Finally a tool that allows you to view Xero data in the way you want, combined with intelligent features that will save you hours. An absolute must for any accounting firm or small business."

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