Which Client Needs Attention?

Why we think the Health Score is a game-changer for accounting teams

By Rich Nicolson • March 1, 2019

Introducing the Xavier Health Score

This is something that we've been talking about with our community of progressive accountants from day one, and we're so pleased to finally be ready to share it: Xavier now calculates an overall score for a client to indicate the health of their books.

You'll find the Health Score displayed on each client in the Client List, and on each client's Overview page. A lot of our cleanup tools and insights now have an individual Health Score, which the overall Health Score is derived from.

On the Client List you can now sort by the "General Health" score, or select an insight metric and choose to sort by either it's individual Health Score or the number of issues identified for that insight (i.e., by volume). You can choose to sort ascending or descending, and combined with the filtering of the list by My Accounts and Favourites, the "at a glance" reporting potential is quite powerful.

Start getting ahead of the curve

Here's some scenarios that will immediately benefit from this kind of practice-level insight:

  • As a Managing Director, which of my team's clients needs attention the most, right now?
  • Similarly, as an Account Manager, which of my clients needs some help?
  • We're considering taking on a new client - what is the general state of their books so I can price accordingly?
  • I'd like to get a team member onto sorting out the Fixed Assets Register across the board, but which clients should they start with?
  • How are the clients doing that are being looked after by my newest bookkeeper?
  • Which client has got the highest ratio of Multi-Coded Contacts so we can look to improve their coding processes?

Client List sorted by Multi-Coded Contacts Health Score

All it takes is a couple of clicks and the questions above can be answered on that single Client List page. Now that teams have a simple consolidated number as an indicator, they can focus on improving the data quality of their Xero clients and easily see that progress on a daily basis.

There's more to come

Hopefully your mind is already buzzing with ideas of where we could take this in the future. Some likely candidates for the roadmap are:

  • Tracking of Health Score over time, allowing month on month comparisons
  • A team dashboard, showing the Health Score for the Team, per Account Manager and per Insight
  • A more structured health auditing process
  • The introduction of more metrics, and more customisation

We'd love to hear your ideas on how to take this further, so give us a shout any time.

~ Rich

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