Becoming Climate-Positive

Xavier is doing our part for a climate-positive workforce

By Helen Lloyd • January 10, 2020

Xavier now has a climate-positive workforce

A young mangrove forest

The Xavier team are really pleased to announce we have become a climate-positive workforce with Ecologi.

Our Committment

Through carbon-offsetting, Xavier has committed to making every one of it’s employees not just carbon-neutral, but climate-positive, pulling more carbon out of the atmosphere than each of us put into it. This offset committment covers our lives in both work and non-work activity, taking into account our homes and all travel including holidays and long-haul flights.

"Our house is on fire" - Greta Thunburg

Particularly with the bushfires raging in Australia right now, and the recent wildfires in Brazil and California, it couldn’t be more obvious that our world, quite literally, is on fire. We’re making this step because we recognise that our world is deep in a climate crisis, and it’s not just individuals with canvas bags that will make the difference, it’s also the responsibility of businesses to change this.

In a new partnership with Ecologi, Xavier will be contributing to projects that will create a real difference to our environment, working through communities to create responsible reforestation and develop sustainable energy projects. What’s even better is that Ecologi doesn’t just plant trees any old place; they work with indiginous populations to plant native mangrove forests in places they have been wiped out. Mangroves are exceptionally good at removing carbon from the atmosphere, more than 2-4 times more efficient than mature tropical forest. For the local population, reforestation also produces jobs for forest management, improved water quality, reduced soil erosion, storm protection and even fishing for the local population, so it’s a net improvement all round.

We believe we’re all in this together, so we want to ensure that Xavier’s core values include social responsibility from the very beginning. Next up, we’re going to be evaluating further ways to reduce our carbon contributions. Carbon offsetting is only one way to make a positive change, it works best when paired with direct changes to reduce the size of our carbon footprint through decisive, sustainable actions. Watch this space!

If you’re interested in making your team a carbon-positive workforce, you can sign up for Ecologi here:

~ Helen

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