COVID-19 - time for us to step up

We're offering a 50% discount to help in these difficult times

By Rich Nicolson • March 23, 2020

The Xavier team would like to help everyone make the best decisions possible in these challenging times

Accurate Books make for Better Forecasting

We’ve recently observed the world try and come to terms with the current Coronavirus situation, and listened to many businesses struggle to make plans for a very unpredictable, but certainly challenging, period ahead. It is heartbreaking to hear about businesses shutting their doors and thinking about the impact that has on people’s livelihoods. Chatting (over Zoom, naturally) amongst ourselves, the Xavier team pondered: how can we help?

We got an email from one of our customers earlier that inspired us to help people to use Xavier more effectively on a wider scale over the coming months:

Customer Email: "In general business confidence and the economy is plummeting and we are seeing clients pull back activity... We have been down this path before so we are going to double down on our Xavier plan rather than park it up which is what we would have done in the past... We are going to have clients under pressure cash flow wise so we need to be able to be more efficient and effective when dealing with their data."

So we’re offering everyone, existing and new customers alike, 50% off Xavier for 3 months.

If the government is aiming to “turn the tide” in 12 weeks, then we’re behind them. As a small team and a relatively new business ourselves, this will have a big impact on our hopes and dreams for this year, but we’d prefer to do our bit to help everyone get through this.

There’s two ways we’re hoping this will help:

  1. It will allow our accounting partners to use Xavier for more of their clients that need the most help, perhaps providing assessment, monitoring and prioritisation for clients they would usually only look at once or twice a year
  2. It provides an option to reduce costs for those of our accounting partners that are struggling to make ends meet

The time for action is now. Over the next 12 weeks we’re going to be introducing a number of “turn the tide” strategies, tips and techniques to help our accounting partners effectively assist their clients. This discount will hopefully kick-start more data-driven decisions at a time when they are most needed.

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Much love,

Jon, Helen, Simon, Oliver, Dorottya, James and Rich

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