FD Works and Xavier

Lean how Xavier has helped FD Works provide a higher quality of delivery for all clients, at scale.

November 2019

Rachel Hutchinson

Integration Director

FD Works is a firm of accountants, business advisors and Xero specialists based in Bristol, and working UK-wide with innovative, ambitious and passionate businesses.

FD Works supports businesses with bold decision making; by understanding business and personal goals they seek to deliver technological solutions to solve their challenges. The team have a variety of skills with ‘maestros’ working with clients to provide coaching, improve efficiencies and increase productivity.

With clients from all sectors, FD Works use the knowledge and experience within the team to become trusted advisors to the clients they support, and are welcomed as a key part of the team.

Using Xavier

FD Works provide a range of services, and as a result they use Xavier daily. For the bookkeeping tasks, the team have created their own flows in Xavier Focus to ensure consistency in delivery across clients and across the team. This has resulted in an increased health score for all clients as all aspects are reviewed and completed regularly.

Another key win for FD Works has been the use of Xavier as part of the onboarding process. Xavier is used to show potential clients how they can be assured that data quality is a key area of focus, and also to demonstrate where things might not have been completed as accurately as they could have been in the past. By identifying those clients who will need more support through the onboarding process, coupled with the use of the Insights, Xavier has allowed the new client to be effectively priced for both the onboard and ongoing work.

How have things changed since using Xavier?

FD Works have been able to deliver a consistently quality service, even when introducing new members of the team as a result of a better check and review process built within Xavier Focus.

At the onboarding stage, the team can now be sure of the amount of effort required to bring new clients in, which has supported better resource planning and allowed better, more realistic timeframes to be both set and achieved.

Finding the Value

Xavier has allowed FD Works to ensure the onboarding journey is smoother and both parties are aware of what is required. Everyone is able to see tangible steps taken and how things have improved by use of the health score. From a monetary perspective Xavier has ensured that time has not been lost clearing up historic issues, with the ability to demonstrate (and therefore charge for) the work undertaken.

Is there anything prospective users should know before using Xavier?

“Start using it as soon as possible! Xavier will revolutionise your accounting business and ensure consistency and a higher quality of delivery for all clients, at scale.”

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