12 Weeks of Turn the Tide

Here's a summary of our most useful or inspiring things to help you and your clients

By Helen Lloyd • July 2, 2020

We've reached the end of our 12 weeks of Xavier resources!

Xavier Turn the Tide

The COVID-19 virus has cast a shadow over life in the UK over the last 12 weeks, and while businesses are beginning to reopen, we need to be realistic that the effects of this pandemic will continue to be felt for some time. Hopefully, the resources below will continue to help you and your clients throughout the rest of 2020, and beyond.

  1. Cost Review by Supplier: You can't forecast cash flow without accurate data, so make sure you've got a clear picture of expenditure and everything is fully reconciled. We created the Cost Review by Supplier Report to assess your spending by supplier month by month over the last quarter to use in your forecasting models of choice.

  2. Credit Control and Cash Position: Another Practice Dashboard report, you can use this custom report within the Practice Dashboard to understand who needs access to cash quickly, and could benefit from a CBILS loan or virtual credit-control.

  3. Three Month Turnover Report: We created this practice Activity Stats report template to help understand how your client’s revenue is changing over the last few months and spot those struggling who may need your help.

  4. The community coming together: We haven't been the only app to take action over the last three months to help small businesses through the crisis, we've seen assistance and resources from Chaser, Capitalise, Iwoca, Fluidly, Float, Futrli, and App Advisory Plus to name just a few!

  5. Keeping Oversight with the Focus Dashboard: Love it or hate it, remote working is here to stay for a little longer, in the UK at least. We came up with a few ways to help your team through their Xavier workload remotely, including the launch of the Focus Dashboard to provide overview on where everyone is in their Flows.

  6. Xero: Building a Financial Plan for the Future: Xavier Co-Founder and FD Works MD Jonathan Gaunt spoke to Xero for their Webinar “Preparing for the new normal: building a financial plan for your business”. Jon was joined by fellow accounting expert Lauren Harvey from Full Stop Accounts, sharing advice on how to build an effective financial plan for the future.

  7. Xavier Resilience: New to Xavier, our first Resilience tool, Business Performance provides a series of KPIs carefully selected to give you a snapshot of how the business is performing in a given period. You can read more about our Resilience launch in AccountingWEB.

  8. Cost Analysis by Account Code: Previously Regular Suppliers allowed you to view anomalies or fluctuations in the expenditure by the supplier. We expanded this insight to allow you to review costs by account code, so we renamed it Cost Analysis. We also added an indicator for the regularity of the cost e.g. weekly or monthly.

  9. New Control Account Checks: Hot off the press from our New Features Webinar, we have released new control account checks for Payroll and Pensions, to help you while the chaos of furlough continues to unfold on your payroll operations...

  10. Painless P11D's: With the deadline coming up, you don't want to miss this! Xavier's Simon Williams talks through how to use Xavier's sandbox to to identify ‘benefits in kind’ given to employees over the last tax year in this short video.

  11. Good Data and Client Relationships: Xavier co-founder Helen spoke to a panel of cloud accounting experts experts about how they are using data to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond with their clients. You can watch the webinar here or read a summary on our Blog.

  12. Our users' amazing stories: From the Good Data and Client Relationships webinar to our interview with Emma Fox at Fresh Financials, we've been so inspired by the actions of our users, and the lengths they have gone to to help small businesses through this difficult period. Thanks so much to those of you who got in touch to let us know how you were using Xavier to help your clients, you have helped us to shape our response and hopefully, make a real difference!

Thank you.

~ Helen & the Xavier team

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