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Xavier makes it really easy and fast for our team to tender, onboard and manage our Xero clients.

We love the cleanup tools for maintaining bookkeeping quality, and it's so easy to see the number of transactions and accounts at a glance.

Visibility of our clients' health grouped by team member is really useful for tracking team performance.

Rebecca McClure, Director of Operations at BDO Drive

Garbutt & Elliot Accountants

Xavier has been a great addition to our Xero app stack and has helped us identify inconsistencies in Xero data and how to improve the quality and reliability of the information. It has helped speed up processes that would have previously taken a lot of time, such as the multi-coded contacts feature which highlights account and tax rate miscoding. And has helped us identify year end back postings through the historical changes feature which has allowed us to identify exact transactions with ease rather than posting an adjustment journal to correct the back posting.

It has been great working with the members of the Xavier team as they are very responsive to queries and open to developments that we think Xavier could further assist us with in our day to day work. I look forward to seeing what else will form part of the rapid development of Xavier as it has been very beneficial so far and can only get even better!

Aaron Sutton, Cloud Systems and Integration Advisor at Garbutt & Elliot

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FD Works

"Xavier has allowed FD Works to ensure the onboarding journey is smoother and both parties are aware of what is required."

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Ad Valorem

"...the practice can scale more easily with Xavier, they can expand to take on more clients without losing service quality."

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Northern Accountants

"Xavier will revolutionise your accounting business and ensure consistency and a higher quality of delivery for all clients, at scale.”"

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Many Accountants are getting tied up in knots about how to deliver Advisory. Xavier provides the tools to actually do it by taking the data out of Xero and presenting meaningful insights into what's going on.

Paul Barnes

Xavier is great! I love it. The insights it provides are so useful and makes it easy and quick to resolve any errors such as wrongly coded transactions, incorrect VAT postings. Fixed asset mapping. I also like the fact you can link it straight to a new client who is already on xero so you can easily see how well they're using xero. It has definitely helped us ensure clients are getting the best out of all the features within xero.

Sally Claxton

Just started working with a new business. I ran their Xero data through @xavieranalytics to check for any weird things. (Do that for most new clients). It spotted something. Dug into it. Just under £39,000 of missed VAT claims in the past 20 months 😮😮

Andy Sullivan

I love this tool! It allows you to present data in a way that's much more attractive to your clients. Can't recommend enough.

Kier Kemp

Great tool to help save lots of time for practioners. We usually have staff review the entire general ledger each month to manually spot miscodings. This product eliminates the chance that we miss something and makes sure that we are able to catch miscodings early. I also love that it will automatically set up the default coding in the contact. The product has a great thread of new ideas to continue to make it a great product to streamline and make sure data is accurate.

Donna L. Bordeaux CPA

Xavier is an absolutely fantastic piece of software that improves not only the accuracy and attention to detail within transactions in Xero but also creates an easier way of reviewing reports. A huge time saver and a great way of presenting client data!

Robyn Jones

I love this tool! This has saved me tons of time - both in quality checking the work done by the team and also our quarterly VAT checks. The team have also loved cleaning the Xero systems up so they can increase their health ratings - they say its like a game. I can't wait until they integrate with Receipt Bank so we can have our supplier defaults updated in there.

Heather Darnell

A great tool for getting insights on your Xero data and cleansing data

Matt Portt

Xavier provides a great set of tools that Xero should have built-in. If you've been disappointed with the shortcomings of Xero HQ and want to gain a true portfolio-level overview of your clients with various metrics relating to their Xero orgs (and to be able to see who needs help) then Xavier is for you. The team behind Xavier are keen to help and incorporate improvements. It's clear they understand the value that getting the underlying data right plays in our ability to provide value as advisers. In a marketplace increasingly swamped by gimmicky tools that overpromise, this is a genuinely useful tool solving problems for modern and proactive accountants and advisers.

Tom Vey

Have had so much fun using @xavieranalytics today alongside our own HC report for a new client. I’ve managed to save the client £1.5k in VAT purely thanks to Xavier. Bloody fantastic. Took their health score from 63% to 80% in 90 mins. Love you Xavier!! Can’t wait to show client!

Emma Fox

We’ve been using @xavieranalytics for a couple of months. Fantastic and game changing!

Nigel Adams

I am trialling @xavieranalytics today, and I think I'm in love! Their support is super fast too!! 💜

Sharon Pocock

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